treeDon’t let mosquitoes bug you at home

Your backyard should be a sanctuary.

A hammock-napping, burger-grilling, softball-catching slice of heaven.
But mosquitoes have other ideas.
Are you ready to say goodbye to pesky flying insects once and for all?

Green King Spray Services is proud to offer MistAway automated repellant systems that can help you do exactly that.
MistAway, the leading manufacturer of worry-free, botanical insecticide spray systems, is not only perfect for home use, it can nearly instantly transform your boat dock from a mosquito breeding ground into a bug-free lakeside retreat.

Whether we install your new MistAway system around your dock or hide it among the shrubs and backyard fence line, our systems can virtually disappear into the landscape and – except for a serious decrease in bugs buzzing past your ears – you may forget it’s even there.

Is the innovative tankless system right for your backyard pool area? Would the traditional drum-style tank system be perfect for you boat dock? Contact Green King today or complete the Request a Quote form on this page to learn which system is better fits your needs.

Reclaim your backyard, barn, boat dock and more. Send pests packing with MistAway and Green King Spray Services.