Ice and Snow…Problem or Benefit?

Ice and Snow…Problem or Benefit?


  Ice and Snow on Mid-South Lawns—Problem or Benefit?

With the freezing rain/sleet event covering the Mid-South, many may be wondering how this may be affecting our lawns and plant material.   While the fear is that a covering of snow or ice might “freeze” the grass, or cause it immediate harm, chances are, it can actually be a benefit.


A layer of snow/ice can actually benefit our yards as it provides a “blanket” that keeps the ground from getting much colder than 32 degrees.   If the forecasts hold true and we see low temperatures in the single digits by Wednesday, a blanket of precipitation is actually a benefit to us.   Bermuda grass is more negatively impacted by direct low-temperature kill under cold and dry conditions versus  with a blanket of snow/ice.


The danger occurs if this “blanket” last longer than a week or so (which should not happen with this storm.)   Under this situation, suffocation of the turf can occur.   Plus, as dry as we have been the last several weeks, today’s moisture has been a blessing to the soil.


So, enjoy the brief bit of winter weather and hopefully Spring will be just around the corner.